Pontus Alv - Absolute Event Horizon

Video by: Alexander Basile

From May 13th to August 14th SCHUNCK* Museum proudly presents an exhibition containing photo’s and film material of one of the most important figures in European skateboard history; Pontus Alv (Malmö, 1980), de man behind the brand Polar.

Pontus’ films and photographs show a very personal inside of a skateboarder and his rearrangements and interventions with the city, as forms of spatial practice. Pontus is said to be one pioneer of DIY (Do It Yourself) culture in skateboarding. His work as an artist tries to focus on the essential ideas of skateboarding, to retain an alternative experience of the city and the very space for the forthcoming generations of young skateboarders. To show them that there is some terrain to be explored beyond “mega rails” and the often intended “skateboard career”.

The dialogue between curator Alexander Basile and artist Pontus Alv has been continually expanded over the past 15 years, and was held in places including a sauna in Malmö, a Berlin subway, eventually the steppe of Mongolia and many hotel rooms and is going to be continued now in Heerlen. With this presentation SCHUNCK* on the other hand continues its creative explorations of urban surroundings as thematised last year during ‘Absolute Event Horizon 1′.

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